Common Tower System

Construction Access Systems Ltd offers a modified and improved design of Common Tower system, which is available in various sizes depending upon the space available on site and the type, size and quantity of hoists to be used. This will allow developers and construction companies a choice on who they can use to supply their Common Tower & hoisting requirements.

During the development stage the CAS Common Tower System has undergone a number of independent destructive tests at the Institute of Research for Industry (RIFI) at Southampton University. The Common Tower system has a rigorous quality manufacturing process, a full 'Technical File' and a 'Declaration of Conformity' certification. A lot of time of energy and time has gone into the development and testing of the product to ensure it is safe and compliant for the European and World markets.

Centre Point Tower
Centre Point Tower
CAS Common Tower System and Alimak Hek Hoists on the 35 Storey Centre Point Tower

As well as a bespoke design of the Common Tower for each project, we also offer and independent Category 3 design-check from an experienced consulting engineering company.

Integrated Staircase System

The CAS staircase utilises most of the Common Tower standard components. The staircase is fully adjustable with the floor heights of the building and has been designed way above the demands of temporary staircase system and has the look, feel and strength of a permanent staircase installation.

CAS Integrated Staircase System
CAS Integrated Staircase System
CAS Integrated Staircase System installed on the Brookfield multiplex 50 storey, 170mtr, One Blackfriars Road Project

Staircase Wrap

Instead of using debris netting or Monarflex sheeting, which can split or get ripped apart, CAS has developed a wrap for the staircase or open side of the Common Tower. The wrap is made of heavy duty flame retardant material and is attached to the Common Tower or staircase structure under tension.

The wrap can have advertising printed on it and can be used as a powerful & effective marketing tool to promote the building under construction.

Construction Hoists

CAS is able to provide the complete access solution for the specification, supply, installation and maintenance of Alimak Construction hoists, whether it be hire or sales.

Passenger/Material Hoists

Passenger/Material hoists are used to lift men and materials vertically to a number of landings. They are available in standard, medium and high speed configurations, different payloads and car sizes.

Hoist at 1 Wood Wharf Tower Hoist at 1 Wood Wharf Tower
Hoists in operation at 1 Wood Wharf Tower
Hoist at Newfoundland Tower Hoist at Newfoundland Tower
Hoists in operation at Newfoundland Tower