About Us

The Directors of the Company have experience of marketing, design development and on site operations with Common Towers systems since 1998.

Using their knowledge, experience and passion of using the Common Tower System on some of the UK's most prestigious buildings in the UK, including the Canary Wharf Towers, The Gherkin, 201 Bishopsgate Tower, Heron Tower and Manchester's Beetham Tower, a new type of Common Tower System is born.

The new design is a major improvement over the existing available system and is more robust. The components are easier to handle and install, have less bracing and can be installed to a greater height.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy focuses on human values in life.

It is caring about yourself and others, delivering safety above all expectations and environmental sustainability.

It is the ability to listen to our customer needs and to operate in an honest, open and professional business like manner.

Managing Director

Tony F.G Faulkner MA MIoD

Tony Faulkner - Construction Access Systems - Managing Director

Since 1986 Tony has gained considerable experience in the construction industry and has a great deal of knowledge of vertical access solutions for high rise structures.

Together with his two experienced business partners, Tony started Construction Access Systems Ltd (CAS) in 2010 as a specialist high rise access Company, which has developed a new Common Tower system with an integrated staircase. The Common Tower is modular and is adaptable for even the most complex and challenging high rise structures.

Technical Director

David J. Ellis B.Sc. C.Eng. MICE

David Ellis - Construction Access Systems - Technical Director

David graduated from City University (London) in 1982 with first class honours in civil engineering. He spent the industrial periods of the 4½ year sandwich course with John Howard and Company engaged in the construction of two of the tributary flood barriers. on the Thames Tidal Barrage scheme.

From university David joined Geoffrey Osborne Ltd and from 1982 to 1989 worked for the company in a number of positions including site engineer, site agent, estimator and tender planner. The projects included roads, bridges, industrial and commercial building, coastal and marine works.

From 1989 to the end of 1992 David was a Senior Planning Engineer for Walcon Construction, then early in 1993 he struck out on his own as a self-employed consulting engineer. In 1996 he began trading as Ellis Design Associates. From late 1993 until the middle of 1996 he was engaged in Hong Kong by Maeda Corporation to assist with the construction of the Kap Shui Mun Bridge and Ma Wan Viaducts.

From 1998 David was involved with the bespoke design of Common Towers for various construction projects throughout the UK.

Operations Director

Paul Perry IOSH

Paul Perry - Construction Access Systems - Operations Director

Paul has experience of working with Aluminium Common Tower Systems since 1998, and has been instrumental in the development of constructing Common Tower modules on the ground and then lifting them into position with the site crane.

This technique sped up the construction process and decreased the risk of falls of men & materials with the installation technique adopted for the construction of the twin 66 storey AOL towers in New York by an American based Access Company for Bovis Lend Lease.